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HAIRRIET BeauTEE WEARhouse is a wholesaler beautee supplier that creates BeauTEE Bundles & the BesTEES. This is a great place to pick a unique brand of  T-Shirt apparel for all your beautee supply needs.

 Start your own beautee supply brand for your business with our  beautee supply created just for you. Become a beauTEEcian today. Our beautee supply starter kit is customized for every professional cosmetologists, natural holistic hair care stylists, hair braiders, locticians, sister locticians, barbers, barber dolls, esthecticians and nail technicians.


It's ONLY HAIR just

  HAIRRIET BeauTEE WEARhouse is a custom t-shirt provider that aims to inspire people with our unique beauty HAIRitage roots and genius culture while standing up against unhealthy HAIR.
This brand was created for the unity of our HAIR and KULTURE.


“I just love these T-Shirts! Not only are they incredibly unique and creative but I get so many compliments every time I wear them.”

- HAIRRIET BeauTEE WEARhouse Customer 

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